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  4. It's disappointing that YouTube can't commemorate Black History month without cheapening it with some advertising opportunity. At least this is better than last year when you had a Wayans brother feature a vid of Kermit the Frog jerking off to 2 girls 1 cup on the front page.

  5. Irene – du kommer da bare en anden dag, sÃ¥!Karina – vi har ogsÃ¥ Ã¥bent lørdag og søndag, hvis det er en mulighed. :-)Louise – Jeg har historie som grundfag og litteratur & formidling som tilvalg nu.Det mÃ¥ være SÃ… fedt at fÃ¥ arbejde inden for museumsverdenen – det er lige akkurat, hvad jeg hÃ¥ber jeg en dag ogsÃ¥ fÃ¥r lov til efter endt uddannelse.Jeg sender lige en mail til dig omkring plantefravning./Julia

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  7. I’ve owned a bus pass or two in my time as well–but having lived mostly outside of big cities–and having an incurable fondness for long-distance driving–I’m afraid I am a car person. I walked more when I was in grad school in Iowa City and lived about six blocks from anywhere I wanted to go.

  8. here, Keith. I’m sure we all go through this, but every now and then I really wonder if what I’m doing here with my blog is “worth it.” Thanks for giving me a pep talk – same to you! You gave me ‘steam’ to keep this going for a few more days. (jk) Thank you, Keith. I really appreciate you!

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  10. “Woman thou art”In the evening I flicker on, loose myselffrom the grain of the day in a ripple of waterclosing in tighter than a fist on my nowunsheathed frame. These are the timesI call myself She. The eyes closed inhale exhalepulse of blood. Give it one last leap of the heartbefore the stillness settles in: all the soundsof the world hushed in a quilt of water,and the burn of an unquenched flame.

  11. Hopefully Morocco won't erect too many windmills in the euphemistically called 'wind farms' or 'wind parks'. They are industrial turbine generating stations that have proven to be a disaster in far too many countries, and never live up to the power generating levels the manufacturers claim.

  12. ATG (19): I see it more as a bailout of the wealthy and a hat tip to our Asian friends who continue to finance our debt. As partisan as I may be at times, B and M are far from being friends and even farther from looking out for each others or their parties welfare. The FED, just like the supreme court, has a pretty solid record of being non-partisan historically. Now the stimulus checks? That was an election year gimmick by both parties as if one side of the aisle refused, the other side would have eaten them for breakfast.

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  17. Oh I see. I thought you were saying he was opposed to the use of contraceptives. This is about who pays for them, or rather about the government being able to force insurance companies and employers to foot the bill. In other words, the 53% who pay taxes would pay for them. Do I have it right now?

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  23. “One can be sentimental and filled with regret. Or one can be philosophical. I understand, at last, I fancy, what Nero was doing, fiddling away while Rome burned. He saw the inevitability of a process impossible to avert. And fiddling was the only thing left to do.”We’re confronted with a cruel choice. Fight our way to the rudder, and hope we get there in time to steer the ship around the reef – or start drawing up plans for the next ship, to be built from the wreckage of this one.

  24. Ann (103) I contributed to my daughter’s education but they paid for the lion’s shareI advised them to chose what they loved and to remember it wasn’t a “life sentence.” We must all be life-long learners and can do whatever we set our minds to. We discussed the ins and outs of their choices. I also told them to embrace change..it was the one thing they could count on.

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  26. ik snap niet dat er nog steeds mensen zijn die zeggen dat je “gezond”moet eten en geen tussendoortjes moet nemen. Wat ontzeg je jezelf dan veel. Ik voel me stukken beter, ga 2x per week naar de sportschool en wandel haast elke dag. Had ik een jaar geleden niet gekund en zeker niet gewild. Voel me fantastisch, ondanks mijn artrose.

  27. A doctor recommended dry brushing for lola when she was sick. Strokes daw dapat towards the heart…but wait is your purpose for dry brushing supposedly for cellulites? Where did you get your brush? We used to have one like that, one helper thought it was for cleaning the toilet!! Now I can't find one in stores.

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  31. I always think of this story in terms of "empowerment." Mary seemed to be able to handle angelic visitations better than most Biblical folk. Everyone's always AFRAID when an angel shows up. Not Mary. She's simply "perplexed." It is the only time the Greek word for "perplexed" appears in the New Testament.To me, the fact that a unique word was used means, "Mary handled this differently than anyone else ever could."

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  34. I think we have a great exampleof how things can change right here with the Depot district. That used to be the one of the scariest areas in town. All it took was some dedicated business owners and a little city help and now look at it. What we need to have for the downtown to strive, are business owners like you Chris, that pull together and force the city to join in the cause. Make it a place that is desirable by looking at what is working for other cities and pattern after something that works. Our downtown could be great.

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  39. Aw, thank you! Although this nomination feels a little bit like homework. Are you seriously asking me to answer a Nascar question?!P.S. Can you be my superhero-obsessed sons’ honorary uncle? You surely have more patience than I do for lengthy discussions about alter egos and fancy weapons.

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  47. Me too me too! That’s such a good way to put it. When I find a good diabetes blog I binge like it’s Cadbury Minieggs! I’m glad we found each other. Do you know Kerri? I met her yesterday (we both live in Rhode Island) and she is exactly as adorable and human in person.

  48. Thank you very much for this posting,yet another that I feel the need to come back to. I wonder how long it takes to really become conscious of the thoughts-are-things chain of causes and effects enough to change one’s reality at the level of thought? Well we are all constantly doing this, true. But then, as stated in the Secret Doctrine, “checked by karma”…ahhh…NAMASTE ALL!

  49. Garry, The bike that you described will work for short multi-day tours, but I wouldn’t want to use it on a long-distance ride. You didn’t mention where you hoped to ride the thing, how much gear you would be carrying, how long you plan to be on the road or any other details, so it is difficult for me to say much more.

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  59. I ain’t gonna lie.. this isn’t as bad as I expected.. but wtf..What’s wrong with Craig david.. talkin the hardest.. he needs to llow it.. first he tonks up, learns a few ‘street’ words, and spits over A Milli.. now this = badman. Nah don’t think so G.

  60. That tarten cape is so fabulous & your suede boots what an awesome price. Here's my suburban haunted house story…….when we moved into our 1960's house my oldest at time was 8 years old & saw someone dressed in black floating in the room above the bed…..she closed the door & put our bible in front of the door. The next morning the bible was up side down!

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  62. Yeah — but even in Florida, there are probably more gentile middle-of-the-road voters who will prove easier to ‘flip’ than some viscerally liberal elderly Jew who would no more vote Republican than he would discover Jeebus.I still think that the Republicans are making a mistake — not that I mind at all.

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  64. You are blessed indeed Becky!! Our youngest son and family live about 30 minutes away, but the others live 2 and 3 hours away. Still so thankful that they don't live STATES away. We still do a lot together as often as we can. Some weekends we are gone so often that our church thinks we are visitors when we come back. LOL God is good!!Love that saying!!Hugs~

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