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  1. Jopelines. Pues lo mío es peor, porque como no sé leer, pero sí comer, me hago un lío con las sopas y las ensaladas. Que pongo una sopa, al día siguiente calor; que preparo una ensalada, al día siguiente frío. He intentado llegar a un acuerdo con el hombre del tiempo, pero me dicen que ahora es la mujer del tiempo. Bueno, que me rindo. Un saludo. Mazacosas

  2. Rachel maddow calls it maddness. I wonder who is the crazy one. All we want is the truth. All they can do is joke about it. When you wear blinders, it's hard to accept what is the truth. Buuuut—– I have faith that the truth will come out. I'll just have to be patient. Obama——— prepare for the truth to stun America. The obots will be saying. " oh, I can't believe this is happening to our president". May the force be with us!

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  8. Eu também costumava me posicionar contra o voto nulo. Mas, diante do cenário atual, comecei a rever meus conceitos. Quem sabe, um altíssimo percentual de voto nulo venha a dar um “ultimatum” no Congresso para uma reforma política que faça valer a opinião dos cidadãos… Parece-me uma questão de responsabilidade cidadã.

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  12. As always – a treat to catch up with your Blog. “tomatoes, sunlight soap & oversized bras” – the perfect description of the African market. Love it! Say any chance you guys might be in the Zambezi Valley around Feb/March 2008? In the meanwhile will be turning books… Cheers, dionj.

  13. Isn’t she just a beautiful creature?She has a LIFE, and it MATTERS. The quality of that life MATTERS. I am glad I can be there for her, because she is worth it. Her life has meaning to me. It exists – she exists … separate from me. I treasure her.

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  19. I’m perfectly happy with the apparent design of the universe being a natural consequence, like the formation of crystals. And I’m certainly not advocating for any or all Churches’ interpretation. But with all the fuzzy lines about where complex biochemistry becomes “life” and an animal beicomes “sentient” I would not be at all surprised that we’re missing something that every human society has thought over, tried to figure out, and generally turned into a religion, philosophy or means of controlling people.

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  25. I would need to see that by signing, the event would actually happen. Where does it say that by signing a petition, the MCA can be dissolved? If this can in fact be done, I would rather start with Unit 7, dissolve or remove it then provide the ability for the other Units to do the same. I.E. start small and let it grow.

  26. Napoleon: “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quit”. Si eu credeam ca Einstein era religios pana am citit “The God Delusion” a lui Dawkins … foarte reconfortanta lectura, o recomand . Oare nu traduce nimeni cartea asta in romana ?

  27. With all due respect, you are not being clear at all. Please give me the Scriptures you are relying on and please read my post again VERY slowly because you obviously are turning an example into an imperative because you keep bringing it up as a MUST when the post clearly lists it as an example of the radical steps a father SHOULD be willing to take if necessary AND please distinguish between every Christian father’s duty and the duty of a church when dealing with an unrepentant member. Thanks.

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  33. Sen–just read the last bit in your comment;thanks for the compliment. And,I am ok with needling, not really a humourless ‘sensitive’ female, far from it. Some of my favourite authors are Sue Townsend, Erma Bombeck, Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux. These people can dish it out AND take it–but basically they make one laugh and feel happy. And now to log off from this addictive forum, really…

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  35. Aha ! Martin a deviné qu’il existait de faux trolls ! On peut imaginer par exemple des paris à plusieurs, du genre, celui qui obtient le plus de com’ de réprobation…Je sais pas pourquoi mais ça parait tout à fait probable sur la toile ce genre de trucs.

  36. Interesting movie , yet contradiction , talking about widespread dhimmitude.Highlighting the brave fighters like Geert Wilders and his battle to get the word out about the true nature of islam.Yet blurring all images that has been in the news the last 10 years over and over again.A man a man , a word a word , don`t display dhimmitude bacause it clearly shows that even on this field Islam has already won

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  40. These days i don’t even want to think about the issue of depression. I live by the simple rule “suppress everthing!” It’s not healthy, and it will come and bite me in the ass sooner or later. But either way, you are adressing the problem which is the right thing to do. It takes real strength to just think about these things, and making a video about it ever more so.

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  43. Don’t think I wasn’t a bit intimidated. It feels easier to play in British history, perhaps because scads of novels do. Somehow to do a more contemporary, less dramatic thing in an English voice was tougher, but he insisted. Serves me right, I suppose for listening to the BeeGees first UK release all day.

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  46. “What’s even more embarrassing is the almost total lack of awareness among the NZ “right” about the legal and political conventions which are supposed to safeguard liberty.”Exactly. Apparently such things are completely foreign to them. I knew they were a long way down the tube, but really. This far?? WTF has been going on?

  47. unless some guy does something specific to offend me, i dont find them disappointing. Personally, it bothers me when a girl gets all upset with her boyfriend for no reason. you just have to be careful and pay attention to a girls personality. i know some guy…..he had a girlfriend but she lived about a hour away so the didnt see each other except on the weekends. she sent him a picture of herself that was really bad and she said it was. she was like “its ugly, isnt it” and the guy was like its not too bad. she kept yelling at him to tell the truth so he eventually said “its the the best picture” and she broke up with him. that B.S.

  48. I agree with most of your article but, as a “southern person” find your statement very insulting. I am almost positive that the south does not have the only racists in the nation. If you are wanting to make a point against prejudice then don’t show your own prejudice. Just a thought.

  49. Q: What happened in the only season of “Survivor Canada”? A: The Tribal Council went on forever because nobody wanted to be so rude as to vote somebody off the island!Really, Canadians are nice people. But they have also proven to be very tough and brave in developing their own nation and in fighting overseas.

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  53. screamingeagletim on August 30, 2012 Hi Shawn,Great vid as always! What you describe here sounds akin to what Dr. Bob Rotella talks about in “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” You train your swing on the range and TRUST it on the course. The pre-shot routine is one of the least taught aspects of the golf swing IMHO. Never have a mechanical thought while playing. Always be tuned into what you are doing at the present moment. Thanks for all the great vids Shawn. You’ve helped me tremendously try to understand and play this game.

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  64. Thanks, Greg. And it is people like you whom God uses to put wind in the sails of others. One of my “heroes” is Captain Bob (retired Air Force and now with the Lord), who made it his goal to encourage at least three people every day. I working through the fear, opposition, and vision pieces.

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  70. Thanks for sharing this, Ellen. I sometimes find that it’s harder to bear the pain that people you care about are feeling than it is to bear your own pain, especially when you know that, at least in the short term, nothing that you can say will really make things better. You just have to be there for them if they need you, and trust/hope that they’ll make it to the other side.

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