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  1. Thank you for setting up the visit to the school in Corcovado. Our family enjoyed being able to collect school supplies and make a donation to the school. In addition all of the accommodations and adventures were well thought out. Susan was so patient with us as we planned our vacation.

  2. “Chiça”, da minha parte, eu não quis “chatear a Marta”, apenas quis desabafar umas verdades, porque o PS também começa a não ser “para levar a sério”.Desculpe lá, Marta Rebelo.Embora você nem sequer tenha reagido de a terem, eventualmente, “chateado”.E nem acho que se deva dar a esse trabalho, deixe para a Fernanda Câncio.“Chiça”, que já nem as verdades se podem dizer.

  3. From what I have read also the church is growing immensely in China. Also “The Christian faith is a history of missionary work. Its self image is an army of righteous people saving the world.” I disagree with this quote form Jon. Orthodox Christians know that their not the ones saving the world.

  4. Paul makes some really great points. Many times a candidate is hired because of a personality fit with the team and then the realization is the candidate does not have the skills for the position. The accessment center module finds the candidate that excels in all areas for the position (kind of like form, fit and function). Great tool for finding the right candidate for the job and the right company / position for the candidate. A true win-win-win for all!

  5. · Hi Lacey,Thank you so much for the book recommendation. My kids are now asking for book recommendations so I will suggest that one to them! Thank you! And they thank you too! They are always complaining that we don’t have any good books in the house!!

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  8. Nonsense or not nonsense, racism or not, that won't change my past experience: all the africans in my plattoon were not performing well, in the cold, after a march of about 10 km in the snow while everybody else was fine. And their moral shrank.

  9. Allora tua madre non è stata propriamente fregata, visto che si era accorta subito che qualcosa non andava: la non so quanto giovane operatrice del call-center, quella sì che andrebbe addestrata meglio e farebbe meglio a darsi una svegliata.

  10. Thank you, ++David. Your image of the Anglican Communion is mine also. We do not have to believe the same, do liturgy the same, think the same or govern ourselves the same to know the source of what gathers us is Christ. I think ++Tutu has it right. “We meet.” And when we can listen to one another, we are at our best. When we have lost that ability, we are no longer one. It is the listening and respecting that makes us the Communion we are.

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  12. Well Hello AnthonyThe Underdog club has already blown me away with the fantastic advice and resources you are providing in there. Have just implemented your amazing thank you page idea on a few funnels, will be interesting to see what happens with them.I remember meeting you at Alex’s and Dean event in London last year and remember our discussion about getting things working, well you certainly did that!Look forward to discovering the other gems in the club and here’s to your continuing successigor Griffiths

  13. Here, I’ll make it simple:”No, what gets to me is that the class structure is 1930s/1940s British, not end-of-the-Republic Roman;”Really? What’s the difference? I can totally dig the British class reference, but how much deviation from that are you talking about? “that the people interact in ways that wouldn’t really have happened,”How so? In what episode do you refer?”that the lives of women (both noble and common) are astoundingly misrepresented,”How were they misrepresented? For instance, “noble women didn’t [blank]”. That would be a more than acceptable answer.

  14. Well I actually love Duet and thought this is what “Portrait of a Lady” could have been. It’s an odd world and noses are even odder ! If this super patchouli is in it it doesn’t exactly throw itself at you. The S.A who served me knew nothing but was so keen to get me to buy it she loaded up a bag of face products and samples. My daughter has been waiting for me to turn into a beauty all week. If there is one product I am very suspicious about it’s face creams . At least they were free !

  15. Wowzer – I love this! You have expressed your heart (and I believe God’s heart) for worship very well. And I loved that you moved off of Sunday. Thanks for this. I don’t comment often but am frequently encouraged by your musings – thanks for that also…..

  16. Cham, I am interested to hear your idea about her allure.For me, it is her faith, her common sense, her not being part of the elite, and she is the only person who can tear the current President a new one and get away with it. Well it seems that she is the only one.While the Republican elite remain weak and meek, Palin went for the throat.I like that.But I would also like to hear your ideas.Trey

  17. Merci pour ces nouvelles.Du soleil et des paysages enneigés … ça doit être merveilleux pour nos enfants …!!!J’espère que ma petite Fiona ne prend pas trop de gamelles …MdrrrRéjouissons nous de voir des photos …!!!Grand bonjour du bord de l’Ourthe …Michel Claskin

  18. This article is exactly what i looking for, I have a blog where I post similar ideeas. Please, I would like to translate this article in romanian and then to post it on my personal blog, linking to your webpage as source. In our country not many knows read in english and I try to help at the school with some blogs about what I find online … Is this possible ? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hey, you used to write good, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your excellent writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!”In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” by Napoleon Bonaparte.

  20. Liebe Roswitha,ein Loop aus Fleece und Stoff, das ist ja eine tolle Idee! Dein rot-weißer Weihnachtsquilt sieht wunderschön aus,Kann man da noch Bestellungen aufgeben *LOL* Bin jetzt schon auf deinen fertigen Blazer gespannt, bis dann, Martina

  21. gracias por compartir esta reflexión sobre los medios. supongo que también tiene que ver con la necesidad de mantener la silla. tú mismo lo dices, has tenido ofertas para participar en la prensa tradicional a cambio de silenciar este blog. mucha gente prefiere la “estabilidad”. el miedo a la incertidumbre llevan a un servilismo y clientelismo en el que los profesionales se olvidan del motivo de su profesión. y la pena es que no pasa sólo con periodistas.Vota el comentario: 0  0

  22. Andranik Shaverdy-Nassery1. No since they had to pay to receive fire service.2. No free ride since if people don’t pay they don’t get the emergency fire service.3. No problem since they did not keep their part of the transaction.4. It should be mandatory to pay the fee since you endanger other people lives as well by not paying the fee.5. They could not since if they did it would give other people incentives to not pay the yearly fire service fee.

  23. Vejo que o Guarani de Campinas vem obtendo um crescimento moderado (porém constante) desde 2008. Isso, imagino eu, se deve a uma administração coerente, não é Dr? O que seria interessante daqui para frente para estes times? Investir num time para ser campeão? Ou continuar sendo celeiro para os grandes? Abraços.

  24. Hach, noch eine Martinsbegeisterte! Mein Post zum Laternelaufen ist nun auch schon auf Platz 7 meiner Post – Hitliste aufgerückt! Ich liebe St. Martin ( und mir geht Halloween langsam auf den Keks, so wie das kommerzialisiert ist hierzulande ). Ich werde heute auch das 1. Mal zum Martinszug am Dom gehen ( dabei wohn ich schon 35 Jahre hier, aber musste “dienstlich” immer anderswo mitgehen ). Freu mich schon…Dir auch viel Freude am Wochenende!Astrid

  25. zajímalo by mÄ›, jestli pak tÅ™eba soudružky FiÅ¡erová a Chytilová, ekofaÅ¡ista Stropnický nebo jeden z nejhorších filozofických zjevů u nás Kohák zaplatí pak dlužné částky, které budou exekutoÅ™i vymáhat na pacientech, kteří vyslyší tuhle jejich hanebnou výzvu…. Asi ne, že?

  26. I'm in just in of those silly moods tonight ….. when I first saw that banana . .. I swore it looked like middle finger on it's side  !   BTW … bananas used to be THE power food for cycling in the 80's until man made goobly gobly bars like powerbar came to market.  I'd ride long distances in the summer going from tiny town to tiny town stoping in the local markets for bananas  .. . lol.   It was the time of life  . . at the time 🙂    

  27. People like Klein end up hiring those who reflect their own distaste for Jews and sympathy for Islamists. Their key defining idea is liberal, not Jewish. That they have some lingering Jewish identity only inspires resentment against Jews, their own and that of other liberals.

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  30. Fiendishly brilliant. I can live with that Did I say dancing on the tables? I meant strip dancing on the tables. Be very, very thankful that you have never had the misfortune of seeing that little performance. *shudder* all parties involved were in therapy for many months after that particular incident And ok, I shall do my best to once more embrace the debauchery. It is rather sad I’m getting old before my time…

  31. Gay Matter is another very strange one. I like it, but seriously, what was everyone thinking about when they went ahead and designed, approved and printed such a cover? Same goes for a number of these. I mean, they are facinating pieces of design, but so random in certain cases…

  32. From my experience….1280×720 looks good in the large "Watch in HD" window, but looks like absolute ass in hte normal view. 640×480 of the same video is great in normal view. My solution: I upload both versions for use on my website. I embed the normal 640×480 movie, then put a link to the 1280×720. If YouTube could make the normal HD look as clear as the 640×480 all the problems would be solved. Ironically last week embeded HD videos looked great too…this week they look like ass. I guess you just can't win.

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  34. Very interesting. I had heard that without a timepiece we tend to inhabit days that are approximately 20 minutes longer than common earth days. Is there any truth to this? It correlates beautifully with the length of a Martian day. Perhaps our internal body-clock is Martian.

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  36. Angelo Nicolaci disse:Esta noticia tem um findo de verdade, porque como obra deste tamanho porte, deveria ser aberto edital para avaliar melhor preço para construção da base, pois é muito ruim para a imagem do governo fechar um pacote que envolve um contrato com empreiteira para obras de grande monta sem concorrencia, é até questionável e possivel alvo de futura CPI, pode apostar

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  40. When speculators drive-up oil prices, they raise oil supply and reduce oil demand. Moreover, speculators provide a buffer against unexpected shocks. Without that buffer, much higher oil prices or shortages can more easily take place, with severe consequences to the economy.

  41. It’s interesting to me that in American civil society there is an assumption that everyone agrees who this “God” is (e.g. the Pledge of Allegiance). Chanson, I missed the Naderite posts (the dangers of leaving my rss reader alone for a few days), but I’m going to do some catching up–thanks for pointing them out!

  42. W jakim gronie się nie liczysz? Blogerskim? A dlaczego bloger nie może brać pieniędzy za swoją pracę. Wielu blogerów to dziennikarze dawniejsi. To co? Jeden może brać kasę, a drugi nie? I ten co bierze jeszcze ma opinię niezależnego?

  43. So funny that you talked about this hotel because I was about to book a room with them for Halloween! Not gonna be able to wing it this time but for sure next time I'm in LV, I will be at the Rumor! 🙂 The prices aren't bad either, so chic!

  44. Yea, a bit of context would help. I was standing right there, and then bench is outrageously long, and then 600 pounds of dude goes and sits on one end. Meanwhile, Kitching has that clipboard poking him in the ass and can’t move because Williams is right there.

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  46. Ta det med ro med snømåking og bekkenproblemer. Min kollega i Lekenhverdag hadde bekkenproblemer i svangerskapet og det er ikke å fleipe med. Nå må du bare surfe resten av veien frem til fødestuen. Du trenger snart alle kreftene dine. Fine vintebilder !!!

  47. Dalla psicologia……. normalmente un atteggiamento di arroganza e presunzione viene interpretato come una forma di insicurezza. Spesso si cerca di ingiungere la propria autorità o qualità….’ Non per imporsi sugli altri, sentendosi superiore, ma semplicemente per sviluppare una sorta di autoconvincimento di ciò che si pensa . Quindi sig. Marco ….. Cerchiamo di entrare nell’ottica che esiste questo ideale Franciacortino che non ammette confronti e contraddittori…

  48. that the only way to the Labyrinth was via the front entrance – up some steps. I am in a wheelchair. I complained (nicely) to the man on the front entrance, but, really, Haxby and Wigginton MC, you need to do better signage, and have people at the back who will assist people on how to get to the correct event. This is the second time in a week I’ve been confused about where I need to be in that building. And, in 2012, having one entrance which is up some steps is not good enough.

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  54. Me again.Scared now?LOL. Not likely. The thing about you right wingers is that YOU are all talk.You may vote in and vocally support the scary, jack booted bastards that stomp on my head. The wolf in sheeps clothing sent to protect me from the evil scary beast that is our society.But you? You are a pantywaist in woman’s underwear.

  55. Yes, you inspired me to write this post because I couldn’t get my head around keeping stuff like this from our kids. Why people think that honesty about sex and mental health will fuck them up is beyond me. To me it’s the very opposite of openness that fucks them up.

  56. Imperium is confusing. On one hand, it's supposed to mean absolute power. On the other hand, it can't be used in such a way that it pisses people off too much (eg, to kill the jews, etc) – so the power isn't actually so absolute. Can anyone come up with a better definition?

  57. all them libertarian free market fans should get to grips with the pain the big 2 cause everybody from cow cocky to consumer. However writing anti mono/duo-opoly regulations is a bit like King Canute. To date I don’t know of a an example where anti-market manipulation laws have worked as intended.Oh and also the stupid “click to show more comments button” isfreakin out.

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  60. Love the collage of festie fashion. The wellies were a great find. My best ever festie outfit for not getting lost was a neon pink silk shirt with silver fake leather jeans that kept the rain off. Sometime back in the early 90's at Glasto. Great memories. Glasto was our summer holiday back then. We went for a week and for about 10 years the sun shone every time. Have to admit bringing an extra tent one year for hanging my frocks up. Think i was the only one there with a walk in wardrobe.

  61. No, the post is not inaccurate. Change.org began with the intention of hosting a site for leftwing, progressive causes.It has changed course.And yes, you can be tricked into signing a petition, as I was.I signed a petition saying that I support teachers and unwittingly became a member of Rhee’s StudentsFirst.I was deceived.Rightwingers have petition sites too, although generally they don’t need to petition because they now own so many states as well as the U.S. Department of Education.

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  66. oh wow, had no idea she's the new face of dior!!! she is gorgeous but I will miss Marion Cotillard for sure. and wow, just got bk from vacation & ur blog is totally diff!! love the new look & blog name 😀

  67. A mí la matrona del hospital también me dijo que no se las cortase, que se las limase con un alima de cristal y fue lo que hice, y ahora que ya se las corto después siempre las limo porque parecen cuchillas y no sé cómo pero siempre se araña!!

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  69. j’espère avoir le temps de revenir sur cette nouvelle page mais en attendant, aujourd’hui, au journal de treize heure d’une chaine publique, j’ai entendu un expert parler des problèmes de « mesurage » du taux d’alcoolémie.Une ch’tite bistouille suffira-t-elle pour m’en remètre ? (avec un seul T puisque c’est pour du mesurage).

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